Allergy To Heavy Metals

I came across this new magazine, Complimentary Therapy by chance. It’s a guide to a world of complimentary and alternative medicine, which i find particularly interesting to read. i haven’t been to Kinokuniya for ages,the only magazine that i am aware of that talks about health is Readers’ Digest. I know, i know, i ought to pick up reading, knowing more health related current affairs as i am in this field. ;]

Anyway, i came across this very interesting article on allergy to Heavy Metals.
It was contributed by Dr Justin Morais of Sports Acupuncture Centre

In 1987, a young girl from a rich family came to me with a daunting problem. Her parents had wanted to make her beautiful and sent her to the dentist to do various forms of filling in her teeth. After the procedure, she turned into a total wreck. Not only was she getting incessant headaches, she was also leading to early arthritis. After doing a test, i found traces of mercury in her body and that she was allergic to heavy metals. Using bioresonance, her allergy to heavy metals was neutralised. She underwent regular treatment, and together with some supplementation, her condition improved.

Well, the point is not to go for braces or dental implants but, just imagine how toxic heavy metals can be. I am blessed i do not have any food or drug allergies and talking about heavy metals. Some other examples include, zinc. sodium, aluminium, cadmium and etc. Wonder how these toxic heavy metals can enter our body? Well, through the processed food we eat, canned food,bbq, seafood, hair dye, even applying of cosmetics, paints, air and water pollution, medication and TOBACCO of course.

The possible side effects of these are heart diseases, poor immunity, kidney dsyfunction, liver disorder, joint and skin problems. So, in the mist of enjoying our lobster or prawns, well, just take note, take everything in moderation and opt to detox to flush them all out. That’s what i do. No choice right, i can’t say no to my black pepper chilli crabs. HaHa.


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