The good & The Bad about Shisha

shisha smoking

shisha smoking

Well honestly, out of curiosity, few months back, i tried Shisha at this Lebanese cafe in Kampung Glam. Not knowing, what is installed for me. It tastes sweet, seems non addictive though it wasn’t fantastic. Having not much of information about it just the awareness of shisha smoking, i did a little research online. Friends were saying it aren’t addictive, that it doesn’t contain nicotine as the water has already absorbed all the bad substances while some say the side effects were worst than cigarettes smoking.

Here’s the REAL answer. According to Shisha, SHISHA can be ADDICTIVE and in fact, it does contains nicotine. During shisha smoking, the water in the bowl becomes increasingly brown in colour, leaving one with the impression that tar and other chemicals from the shisha tobacco is being ‘absorbed’ by the water.

No addictive chemicals are absorbed in the water. Masked by the fragrances, Shisha smoke actually contains:

Carbon monoxide, Tar, Carcinogenic, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarboins (PAH), Toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, nickel, cobalt, chromium, lead and cadmium.

You can easily do a Google search, type in these substances + side effects and take a look yourself. Smoking ain’t cool and it does not blow your troubles away.Yes, curiosity has gotten in my way and i am sure many people out there has had it but once is deadly enough for me. You can say i am afraid of death or simply put it, i want to live longer, healthier and free of a toxic body. And, of course, one thing i’m so proud to say, my body’s free of tar after sessions of detox.



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