About Detox My Day

I am a freelance graphic designer but recently i made a ‘job’ switch. Well, i still designs but that’s a different story. Having a mum that co-owns a detox therapy centre makes me subconsciously be much more aware of my health than i used to be. Having late nights rushing my design assignments to some more sleepless nights rushing for deadlines at work made my health suffered. I was always tired and had body aches plus a lack of exercise makes me even more lethargic. It was until i tried doing a detox session then it got all got better and well. So, here’s how it all unfolded. I manages an online detox business with the intention to reach out to more people, making them regain their good health through alternative therapies like detox.

Helping others getting healthy feels good. And, i wish to reach out to more people, especially young people to take care of their health. Who says only old people are more prone to illnesses, in today’s context, its vastly different. People in their early twenties getting heart diseases, high cholesterol, young athletic teenagers just drop dead. I’m not trying to scare the wits of you, all we need to do is to be more conscious of our health, our life. Every little step goes a long way and i’m sure, we can lead a vibrant, beautiful and meaningful life.


3 responses to “About Detox My Day

  1. I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

  2. Thanks guys for your support!

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